1987 Founded in Setsu city, Osaka as a maker of Barber/Beautician shears.
1990 Became a registered corporation under Utsumi Co. Ltd. and increased focus on foreign and domestic sales. Representative company president Chimaki Utsumi .
1991 Concluded a manufacturing contract with the English company Denroy and Denman Brand.
1992 Displayed products at Hair World Japan.
1994 Displayed products at Hair world U.K.
1995 Displayed products at the 1st Asian Beauty Expo.
1996 Displayed products at Hair World Washington D.C.
1997 Displayed products at the 2nd Asian Beauty Expo.
Displayed products annually at Beauty World Japan.
1999 Established Utsumi America in California, USA.
(Succeeded B.W. Boyd Shears)
2000 Taking over handmade shear-making factory with a 60 year history, Utsumi began productions at its Osaka Plant.
2001 Displayed products at the 3rd Asian Beauty Expo
2002 Displayed products at Hair World Las Vegas Opened Tokyo sales office (Tokyo-to, Taito-ku, Asakusa)
2004 Constructed Head office. (approximately 145 m2, 4-story building)
2008 Founder Chimaki Utsumi became Representative Chairman of the Board of Directors and Makoto Hagino became Representative Company President
2010 Established Sapporo Branch Office. (Sapporo-shi, Kiyota-ku)
Up to present.

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