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Osaka This is Utsumi Central Headquarter. Located in Osaka Japan. Here we have our Sales, Service, Accounting and Research, Develop. At the completion of our office we planted maple trees to commemorate the event. Just as these trees grow bigger and shear their beautiful colors with us, so too do we hope to grow and spread our color throughout the world.
Factory (Tsuruhashi) Based in Japanese sword-making, here we continue the traditional art of ‘Chakkou Hizukuri’. One-by-one our expert craftsmen painstakingly create scissors that combine ‘a sharp cut’, ‘soft touch’, and ‘high durability’. We continually pursue a product that focuses on ease-of-use from the customers’ perspective.
Tokyo This is Tokyo Branch. From here we manage the East Japan area. In order to respond to the growing needs of the hairstyling industry and the increasing number of orders from well-known salons, our Tokyo office diligently supports our clients in the Capital-Tokyo area.
Hokkaido This is Hokkaido Branch. This office manages product introduction in the Hokkaido region. Run by local staff with a thorough knowledge of the area, our Hokkaido branch promises quick, accurate product support and maintenance that responds to local demands. At Utsumi, we offer service that meets the specific needs of the area being served.
The United States of America This is the United State of America Branch. Here Utsumi Concentrates on the nationwide sale of Japanese shears and the development of shears for American and European audience. We also visit beauty schools to conduct courses on Japanese shears, and introduce maintenance techniques. By offering traditional Japanese, sharpenings, our Japanese-trained experts help spread the knowledge of Japanese craftsmanship throughout the world.

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