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The Manufacturing Process of Utsumi handmade Jyo-Utopia and NOVA brand shears

Major steps to the completion for hand made shears.

There are approximately 60 steps for completing Utsumi's hand made shears. We show you here the major steps among them.

Manufacturing Process


Stamped handle portion and "cobalt" blade portion are welded ad then finger ring is adjusted.

Coarse Process

Removing welding bumps, shaping the shears according to the product specifications in width, length, surface, blade shape, and hollow ground using stone.


Adding edge for surface is done by circular stone, back side by coarse stone and fine stone.

Fine tuning

After pivot screw was placed, mating of stationary and moving blades are fine tuned by the special hammer.



The Manufacturing Process for Utsumi U&U and Nova handmade shears
What is CNC (Computer Numerical Value Contorol) Technology?

CNC is shorthand for computer-numerically controlled machinery which allows for very fine tolerances in grinding of shears. Utsumi utilizes CNC technology for grinding of both front and back hollow ground blades of its shears to achieve precision tolerances not otherwise attainable.

The grinding process, which utilizes water to provide constant cooling, is designed so that the heat forged metal maintains its optimized characteristics. Upon close examination one will notice the consistent rainbow-colored finish which results from the precision machining using CNC technology. The resulting deep radian hollow permits the implement to be repeatedly sharpened to a very fine edge during the entire life of the implement. The process is computer-controlled to produce shears of consistently high and even quality.

Once the computer-controlled machining process is completed, the final finish is performed by hand by skilled craftsmen using time honored methods. Utsumi's skilled craftsmen sharpen, assemble, and fine tune our products to meet exacting standards designed to guarantee years of use.

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